4 Tiny Houses to Call Home

Is 117 square feet enough to live in?

Tumbleweed Homes’ Elm 18 Overlook – Is 117 square feet enough to live in? All signs point to yes.


When I moved from New Jersey to Washington over a year ago, I got rid of almost everything I owned. Paring my belongings down to fit in my compact sedan for the cross-country road trip meant evaluating the importance of each and every item. The exercise was at first difficult, then cathartic, as I separated myself from clutter of life.

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On Mindfulness and Contented Consumerism

I eagerly read a recent opinion piece on Design Sponge by contributor Maxwell Tielman: “Practicing Mindfulness at Home: The Want + Need Equation.” From the first line, I could tell this editorial was going to resonate deeply with the way I want to live now.¬†Everything that’s been in my mind and heart had been verbalized meaningfully on the page. Continue reading →