For the Record: February 12, 2016

Orchid, herald of Spring
Even my orchids are jumping the gun on spring…

For the Record is a look back at the week that was: I share my current obsessions, weekend plans, and other snapshots from a life in progress.
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Dear Santa: A Holiday Wishlist

ONA Bags' Bowery is one of the top items on my holiday wish list for 2015.
ONA Bags’ Bowery is one of the top items on my holiday wish list for 2014.

It is a fact universally acknowledged that if I want amazing Christmas presents, I have to purchase them for myself. I’m okay with that. Really. In my family, sharing your holiday wishlist is a huge no-no. We’re all supposed to magically know what the others want, in spite of the fact that most of us live hundreds to thousands of miles apart. More often than not, this approach doesn’t quite work. Continue reading “Dear Santa: A Holiday Wishlist”

Office Gifts

A Quick Guide to Office Gift-Giving

I begin every year with the best of intentions, promising to make thoughtful, handcrafted gifts for my colleagues in time for the holidays. In my minds’ eye, I begin the process sometime in the early summer when my knitter’s fingers are itching for quick, small projects to fill the hours. Instead, it’s December 1 and I’ve got bupkis. Continue reading “A Quick Guide to Office Gift-Giving”

Stocked: How Never to Run Out of Your Favorite Products

If you’re anything like me, at one time or another you’ve found yourself scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel or squeezing the last iota from a tube to get to that last bit of your favorite beauty product because you’ve run out. Whether it’s the hair mayonnaise you always use to deep condition your hair or your beloved rose-scented facial astringent, it’s incredibly easy to forget to replace these items until it’s too late. Continue reading “Stocked: How Never to Run Out of Your Favorite Products”