Activating My Activism

I recently wrote about goals and goal-setting and, to be honest, I wrote it thinking only about myself and how I’m planning to achieve my personal goals this year. However, today I was reminded that I need to be concerned with more than just my own selfish ambitions. Continue reading “Activating My Activism”

For the Record: February 12, 2016

Orchid, herald of Spring
Even my orchids are jumping the gun on spring…

For the Record is a look back at the week that was: I share my current obsessions, weekend plans, and other snapshots from a life in progress.
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A Lovely Afternoon at Lake Crescent Lodge

For this year’s Mother’s Day celebration, I decided to surprise my mom with an experience I knew she’d treasure. It was meant to be a surprise, of course, so all week, I teased and goaded her with the vaguest of hints until Friday night when I finally spilled the beans: I was taking her on an extended day trip to the Olympic Peninsula. Continue reading “A Lovely Afternoon at Lake Crescent Lodge”