For the Record: April 8, 2016


Ummm, spring is here? Wait–when did that happen? The time I spent away from posting has been well worth it–I’m in the final quarter of the certificate program I’m participating in, I finished a major work project and am already up to here in another, and–most importantly–I’ve been engaged in the very important work of decluttering my life. Every day, I’m getting closer to that goal. See what else is on my mind, for the record:
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Goodbye Clutter, Hello Calm: How a Wardrobe Makeover Changed My Life


I can hardly believe it’s been eight months since my last post. All of last summer, I kept telling myself that I’d get back to blogging–so many hiking excursions and road trips to share–but fall came and went and still nothing. Here in the middle of winter, I’ve decided it’s high time I pop back in to say hello. Hello.

It’s not that nothing’s been happening in my life; in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Life has been HAPPENING and moving forward in so many ways. While I’ve been absent from blogging, I’ve been keeping busy achieving a couple of goals from my personal strategic plan (yes, I have one), expanding my education to advance my career, and indulging in travel both at home and away.

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On Mindfulness and Contented Consumerism

I eagerly read a recent opinion piece on Design Sponge by contributor Maxwell Tielman: “Practicing Mindfulness at Home: The Want + Need Equation.” From the first line, I could tell this editorial was going to resonate deeply with the way I want to live now. Everything that’s been in my mind and heart had been verbalized meaningfully on the page. Continue reading “On Mindfulness and Contented Consumerism”