Notes on Having Something to Look Forward To

One of summer 2017’s highlights: a weekend of camping in British Columbia.

It’s been a pretty dry summer. I mean that literally–a nearly monthlong stretch of 90-plus degree days, anyone?–and figuratively. Usually at this point in the year, I’ve been on a couple of trips, with another trip or two lined up in the coming months, invariably spending my time vacillating between giddiness and anticipation. Continue reading “Notes on Having Something to Look Forward To”

4 Tiny Houses to Call Home

Is 117 square feet enough to live in?
Tumbleweed Homes’ Elm 18 Overlook – Is 117 square feet enough to live in? All signs point to yes.


When I moved from New Jersey to Washington over a year ago, I got rid of almost everything I owned. Paring my belongings down to fit in my compact sedan for the cross-country road trip meant evaluating the importance of each and every item. The exercise was at first difficult, then cathartic, as I separated myself from clutter of life.

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On Mindfulness and Contented Consumerism

I eagerly read a recent opinion piece on Design Sponge by contributor Maxwell Tielman: “Practicing Mindfulness at Home: The Want + Need Equation.” From the first line, I could tell this editorial was going to resonate deeply with the way I want to live now. Everything that’s been in my mind and heart had been verbalized meaningfully on the page. Continue reading “On Mindfulness and Contented Consumerism”