Why I Knit

Ask knitters ‘Why do you knit?’ and you’ll hear stories from people who love the challenge, those who enjoy creating something unique, or knitters who enjoy giving to people they love. But whatever our reasons, what unites us as knitters, is that we all go on a journey, and it’s in that journey that we find moments to contemplate, relax and feel at peace with ourselves.

— from “Knitting for Mindfulness,” LoveKnitting.com

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8 Things I’m Excited to Do This Fall

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Happy fall, friends!

It’s no secret that autumn’s my favorite season. This time of the year is tailor-made for the wearing of your coziest sweaters, curling up in front of a roaring fire, and sipping on something hot (preferably hot chocolate or that seasonal standby the pumpkin spice latte). Throw in a few gray skies and a good book or craft project, and you have what I consider to be the plan for a perfect fall day. Continue reading “8 Things I’m Excited to Do This Fall”

Netflix and Knits- “Anne with an E,” Season 2

In 2017, when Netflix announced Anne with an E, a new serial adaptation of the beloved children’s book Anne of Green Gables, I was over the moon. Written by author Lucy Maud Montgomery, the Anne books have been favorites of mine since childhood. As a purist, however, I was unsure how to embrace the new grittier version, which also inserts characters and storylines that don’t appear in Montgomery’s novels. After struggling through the first season because–hey, that never happened in the book!–I decided to enjoy the series as its own production without constantly comparing it to the original source material.

Since I’ve had a year to ruminate about the first season and wait on the second, I realized something: the novels are about a young orphan girl with an irrepressible imagination. This new look at life in the fictional town of Avonlea is merely a creative re-imagining of Anne’s story. It’s a more grown-up and desanitized Anne for the modern era, openly addressing issues of abuse, sexual identity, racism, and more. Not only that, the show’s lead actress, Amybeth McNulty, is an absolute talent. The second season of this inventive series became available for streaming on July 6, and now that I’ve finished watching all the episodes, I’ve discovered something new to love about the production.

The knits.

Much of the first half of the show’s second season takes place during fall and winter, and in much the same way that Starz’ Outlander got knitters all in a tizzy about the period knits–so many delectable capelets!–I’m feeling some kind of way about the outstanding knitted garments and accessories that appear in Anne with an E. These are my favorite pieces:

Anne’s slouchy beanie

Amybeth McNulty (left) as Anne and Dalila Bela as Diana Barry in the Netflix/CBC production Anne with an E.

As someone who often wears her hair in voluminous styles, I’m always on the lookout for a winter hat that will leave plenty of room for my hair. Anne’s slouchy taupe-gray beanie is practical and roomy, but the delicate tassels at the crown make the piece jaunty enough to make a statement.

Bela and Kyla Matthews (right) as Ruby Gillis.

Diana Barry’s lovely knit accessory set

Anne’s best friend Diana comes from a well-to-do family, and the chic coordinated knits she wears in the series lend a classy flair to her winter outerwear. Her pale blue garter-stitched scarf, dark blue mittens, and classy striped tam have got me planning an upgrade to my own winter accessories.

Ruby Gillis’ pale pink neck scarf

Although Ruby is a bit of an airhead who thinks about nothing but beaux, I couldn’t help feeling just a little bit envious of her sweet, self-fastening pink knitted neck scarf. I can so envision myself wearing it when there’s just the slightest nip in the air.

Jane Andrews’ lacy capelet

Lia Pappas-Kemps as Jane Andrews.

In the fourth episode, as Anne and her friends prepare to re-enact a Tennyson poem, I gasped upon seeing the lacy white capelet worn by Anne’s friend Jane. What a beautiful way to warm the neck and shoulders while elegantly dressing up a plain coat.

Billy Andrews’ buttoned-up balaclava

Christian Martyn as Billy Andrews. Gawd, I hate this kid.

If you’ve watched the show’s second season yet (spoiler alert), you’re going to hate Jane’s brother Billy almost as much as you’ll love the cabling on the balaclava he wears as part of his costume for the Christmas pantomime. While it’s a bit too extra for everyday winter wear, it’s definitely a piece I’d consider bringing along for an escape to much chillier climes.

Honorable mention

It’s not a knitted piece, but can we just give a round of applause for Marilla Cuthbert’s brown leather corset belt? WANT.

Geraldine James as Marilla Cuthbert
Can we also talk about Geraldine James’ portrayal of Marilla Cuthbert? 100.

Yes, summer may just have begun and winter seems a long way off. However, as every good knitter knows, now is the time to start on those cold weather projects so they’re ready for action just as the first autumn leaves begin to fall.

Anne with an E is streaming now on Netflix.

Knitting Can Be Expensive…and Sometimes, That’s Okay


The Ashland Pullover via Brooklyn Tweed


Even though August tends to be the hottest month of the year, in the back of my mind these dog days of summer always mean September–and subsequently fall–is right around the corner. I immediately begin dreaming about cinnamon-spiced everything, changing colors, and cooler days. And, if I’m honest, I’m really fantasizing about sweater weather and getting a new woolen garment on my knitting needles. Continue reading “Knitting Can Be Expensive…and Sometimes, That’s Okay”

New Nautical-Inspired Knits from Brooklyn Tweed

Apple’s new iPhone 6 wasn’t the only product launch happening yesterday. Knitters and other fiber craft enthusiasts awoke to the latest collection of knit patterns from Brooklyn Tweed, showcased in the BT Fall 14 lookbook. The new collection, described as “fisherman-inspired,”  is full of tightly knit, highly textured garments shaped specifically for layering and adorned with intricately designed cable paneling. Worked in Brooklyn Tweed’s soft, fleece-dyed, heathered wool in a range of colors from the reds and golds of autumn to navy and other neutrals, the new collection has me dreaming, oddly enough, about winter spent in a small fishing village somewhere on the coast. Form and function collide to create a collection that’s at once elegant and useful.  Continue reading “New Nautical-Inspired Knits from Brooklyn Tweed”

Beating the Winter Blues: Classic Lace Cardigan

Spring is so close, I can almost taste it. There are only thirty-eight days left until the vernal equinox on March 20 (hallelujah!) and I’m already obsessing about dreaming of warmer, longer days and shedding the dark, heavy winter layers I’ve been buried beneath for the last few months. To get me through these final weeks of my first Pacific Northwest winter, I began working on a knitting project that fixes my focus squarely on spring. Continue reading “Beating the Winter Blues: Classic Lace Cardigan”