Christmas Greetings

santa claus, figurine, silenceMaybe you’ve been naughty this year. Maybe you’ve been nice. And maybe, just like most of us, you’ve been a little bit of both. No matter your status on Santa’s list, have a wonderful, restful Christmas with those you love and those whom you love most. Pour a little bourbon in the eggnog, sneak a few kisses under the mistletoe, and remember to savor every momentContinue reading “Christmas Greetings”


Budget Christmas Tree Style: Put a Bow On It

red-bow-christmas-treeThere’s nothing like heading into a work week after a productive and creative weekend. I got some holiday shopping done, purchased a Christmas tree, and finally settled in to the task of getting it decorated. I realized in the process that low-budget tree trimming doesn’t have to mean low impact.
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Handmade gift box

Handmade Holidays: 4 DIY Gift Boxes

Handmade gift box

I’m a sucker for great packaging. In my opinion, a gift that’s been thoughtfully and beautifully wrapped and presented feels just a bit more special. As I look forward to gift-giving this holiday season, I’m also thinking about ways to make the gifts I give more memorable. Yes, it’s probably easier to simply purchase a ready-made box, but when you make it yourself, it’s a wonderful opportunity to customize the look and feel in keeping with the personality of the recipient. Here’s a short list of some quick and easy DIY box designs: Continue reading “Handmade Holidays: 4 DIY Gift Boxes”