Decluttering Diaries: What to Do with Old T-Shirts

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For the Record: April 8, 2016


Ummm, spring is here? Wait–when did that happen? The time I spent away from posting has been well worth it–I’m in the final quarter of the certificate program I’m participating in, I finished a major work project and am already up to here in another, and–most importantly–I’ve been engaged in the very important work of decluttering my life. Every day, I’m getting closer to that goal. See what else is on my mind, for the record:
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Quickie Valentine’s Day Treats

valentines-day-heart-cookies-close-upIt’s been an insanely busy week and so these quickie Valentine’s Day treats are the perfect answer to gift-giving for those of us balancing busy lives (who isn’t?). I made these for my colleagues a few years ago and let me tell ya–they truly don’t take much time to make. These petite packages are mostly about presentation and the fact that, at the end of the day on Valentine’s Day, it’s really the thought that counts. Continue reading →

New Nautical-Inspired Knits from Brooklyn Tweed

Apple’s new iPhone 6 wasn’t the only product launch happening yesterday. Knitters and other fiber craft enthusiasts awoke to the latest collection of knit patterns from Brooklyn Tweed, showcased in the BT Fall 14 lookbook. The new collection, described as “fisherman-inspired,”  is full of tightly knit, highly textured garments shaped specifically for layering and adorned with intricately designed cable paneling. Worked in Brooklyn Tweed’s soft, fleece-dyed, heathered wool in a range of colors from the reds and golds of autumn to navy and other neutrals, the new collection has me dreaming, oddly enough, about winter spent in a small fishing village somewhere on the coast. Form and function collide to create a collection that’s at once elegant and useful.  Continue reading →

Notes on Navy: A Bedroom Takes Shape

It’s been a little over six months since I moved into my apartment, and I’ve decided it’s high time I get around to doing some decorating, especially with my family visiting in a matter of months. The walls (all of them, obvs) are a horrid tan color I thought I’d paint over; however, the time and expense of painting and then repainting when it’s time to move out have prompted me to leave them as is.

What to do next? Go navy.

I’ve always liked the color navy. It’s the go-to neutral in my closet that I often pair with tan or cognac for a classic, clean look (usually a navy trenchcoat with cognac ballet flats or this Longchamps tote). It wasn’t until recently I realized I could utilize and reinterpret this common color combination to create a serene sanctuary in my bedroom that goes beyond the old nautical standby. After seeing the Pottery Barn indigo color story in the January 2014 catalog plus searching for additional inspiration online, I’ve become even more excited by the possibilities. The trio of navy, tan, and white feels grown-up and grounded, yet remains imaginative enough to play well with other more brightly-hued accents–think coral, turquoise, lime green, or lemon yellow. I think I’m in love.

A few glimpses of what I have in mind:

A great starting point, but to suit my tastes, something a little less ornate might do.

The color proportions are just about right here, but perhaps this look is a bit too staid.

More curves, fewer edges and we’re almost there.

As time allows, I’ll be sharing my progress as I take my boring tan bedroom from bland to beautiful on a budget. Keep watching.


Beating the Winter Blues: Classic Lace Cardigan

Spring is so close, I can almost taste it. There are only thirty-eight days left until the vernal equinox on March 20 (hallelujah!) and I’m already obsessing about dreaming of warmer, longer days and shedding the dark, heavy winter layers I’ve been buried beneath for the last few months. To get me through these final weeks of my first Pacific Northwest winter, I began working on a knitting project that fixes my focus squarely on spring. Continue reading →