On Making Up My Mind About Makeup


It’s funny how your tastes change with time. When I was younger, I’d turn the radio off when the Eagles’ “Hotel California” came on; today, I turn the radio up. My relationship with makeup has evolved in the same way. As a teenager who wasn’t allowed to use cosmetics, I’d pore over the colorful pages of teen magazines, dreaming of the day when I could dabble in my own makeup fantasies. However, in my twenties and the better part of my thirties, I decided I really liked my face “as-is” and, today except for the occasional special event or job interview, I eschew wearing makeup as a part of my daily regimen. Continue reading →


For the Record: April 8, 2016


Ummm, spring is here? Wait–when did that happen? The time I spent away from posting has been well worth it–I’m in the final quarter of the certificate program I’m participating in, I finished a major work project and am already up to here in another, and–most importantly–I’ve been engaged in the very important work of decluttering my life. Every day, I’m getting closer to that goal. See what else is on my mind, for the record:
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Nailing It on Vacation

I’ve never been one to wear cosmetics in general, and nail polish, in particular, is an enhancement I generally tend to shy away from. The careful brushstrokes, the waiting for polish to dry, the short-lived flawless finish, the pungent remover. Repeated ad nauseum, this process isn’t exactly my idea of time well-spent. Save for color on my toes during sandal season, I’m usually happy to let the tips of my digits go bare. Continue reading →

Stocked: How Never to Run Out of Your Favorite Products

If you’re anything like me, at one time or another you’ve found yourself scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel or squeezing the last iota from a tube to get to that last bit of your favorite beauty product because you’ve run out. Whether it’s the hair mayonnaise you always use to deep condition your hair or your beloved rose-scented facial astringent, it’s incredibly easy to forget to replace these items until it’s too late. Continue reading →