On Making Up My Mind About Makeup


It’s funny how your tastes change with time. When I was younger, I’d turn the radio off when the Eagles’ “Hotel California” came on; today, I turn the radio up. My relationship with makeup has evolved in the same way. As a teenager who wasn’t allowed to use cosmetics, I’d pore over the colorful pages of teen magazines, dreaming of the day when I could dabble in my own makeup fantasies. However, in my twenties and the better part of my thirties, I decided I really liked my face “as-is” and, today except for the occasional special event or job interview, I eschew wearing makeup as a part of my daily regimen. Continue reading

Nailing It on Vacation

I’ve never been one to wear cosmetics in general, and nail polish, in particular, is an enhancement I generally tend to shy away from. The careful brushstrokes, the waiting for polish to dry, the short-lived flawless finish, the pungent remover. Repeated ad nauseum, this process isn’t exactly my idea of time well-spent. Save for color on my toes during sandal season, I’m usually happy to let the tips of my digits go bare. Continue reading