Hygge Happy: A Chunky Knit Blanket for Less


You’ve heard of hygge, haven’t you?

This Danish term, popularized in the United States in 2016, has no true English equivalent, but it represents a feeling of coziness and a deep sense of contentment.

And during cozy season, isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

When the weather turns gray and rainy, my thoughts inevitably turn to time spent indoors in front of a roaring fire, coupled with a good book, a warm drink, and that most necessary of accessories, a chunky knit blanket or throw.

But those giant, chunky knit blankets you’ve been seeing nearly everywhere for the past few years, from your favorite home decor stores to Instagram, don’t exactly come cheaply. They can cost as much as $125 or even more.

Not one to drop all that coin on a blanket, I went in search of an alternative I could make myself, ultimately finding a pattern for this cabled version on the A.C. Moore website.

via A.C. Moore

The materials required to produce this piece (5 balls of discounted Stitch Studio Sweet Dream yarn and a 32” size 15 circular needle) totaled less than $35, which was a significantly better fit for my current budget.

And although it doesn’t have the lofty lushness of those giant, arm-knit, merino wool coverings that you’ve probably already saved to a Pinterest board, it’s a much more  affordable option that fulfills my need for a warm cocoon for binge-watching, reading, and just general comfort when temperatures take a tumble.

Notes on Construction

The pattern is categorized as an easy one, but I thought I’d share some additional things you should consider if you contemplate tackling this yourself.

Watch your tension

Due to my lack of experience working with such a chunky fiber, I struggled with holding the yarn too tight on the first few rows. This led to tight stitches which were difficult to pick up (especially when cabling) so I consistently pierced the yarn with the tip of the needle. A word to the wise: keep it loose.

Use a stitch counter

The pattern, although beautiful, simple, and easy to follow, includes quite a few repeated rows, so I spent more time than I’d have liked to re-orienting my progress on the piece by counting stitches and rows.

Once I got the hang of recognizing where I was in the project, this became less of an issue, but I’m convinced I’d have completed the throw more quickly with a stitch counter in hand.

Dress lightly

Just in case you’re wondering if this chunky knit throw delivers on the promise of hygge, I can wholeheartedly confirm that it does. Once you complete enough rows for it to cover your lap while you’re working on it, it’s toasty warm and weighty, so you can go easy on the layers during knitting.

Getting Cozy Season-Ready

From start to finish, this chunky knit throw took me about two and a half months to finish, largely because I’ve never been a speedy knitter, and because I took a few breaks along the way to focus on other things.

I loved that this was a relatively inexpensive and simple way for me to indulge my love of knitting, while creating a custom piece to add to my home decor. And now that it’s done, all I need now is a good book, a hot chocolate, a night of nothing to do, and this blanket for the perfect fall/winter evening.

A Note for Non-Knitters

If you’re all about that hygge life, but not interested in knitting up this chunky knit throw for yourself, Apartment Therapy shared some sources for finding one to suit you a wide range of budgets.

What other ingredients would you need for a perfect cozy evening?  

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