A Note on Being Prepared


7 years ago today, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey.

The unprecedented storm wreaked heartbreaking loss of life and other devastating impacts in the Northeast. Entire Jersey Shore towns lay in ruin, and on Sandy Hook, where I worked at the time, the infrastructure was so compromised that I was unable to return to my office for nearly five months.

After Sandy’s landfall, my household was without power or heat for nearly a week, while temperatures dipped to near-freezing. I warmed our meals using my little camping stove and found my way around in the dark with my headlamp. We had a little hand-cranked radio that kept us informed about all the news happening beyond our neighborhood. On the rare occasions that I wanted more information, I charged my cellphone in my car, which I would only do sparingly because of the fuel shortages that made gassing up a challenge.

Since today was my first time being in New Jersey during the anniversary of Sandy’s landfall, it’s been an important reminder of the importance of having an emergency preparedness kit. In the event of a natural disaster, would you have everything you need? If not, I encourage you to get started on building your own emergency preparedness kit or purchasing a ready-made one.