Glamping with the Girl Scouts

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A couple of weeks ago, I hinted at some exciting weekend plans. Before I continue, however, I think it’s important to provide a little context.

Growing up–particularly during my teenage years–my family had limited resources. My mom chose to invest in our education; things like travel and extracurricular activities were put on the back burner. I often envied my peers whose summer plans included jetting off to exciting destinations abroad or the delicious independence of that adolescent rite of passage: summer camp.

About a month ago, a colleague told me a “summer camp”-style weekend she learned about on social media. Specifically for the 21 and older set, Glamp seemed right up my alley. Within half an hour of learning about the program, I signed up for what I hoped would be the fulfillment of one of my teenage fantasies. That’s how I ended up glamping with the Girl Scouts. I think I can safely say this was one of my favorite weekends ever.


As a somewhat experienced camper, I was really looking forward to spending a weekend in the woods, but Glamp weekend was different from anything I’d ever done before. Instead of sleeping in a tent, I spent two nights bedding down in the cutest cabin you’ve probably ever seen, plus I got to meet some amazing, inspiring women.

I also received the full summer camp experience, learning to build a proper campfire, tie-dye a t-shirt, and arrange a bouquet of flowers. I re-ignited my love of painting with acrylics during a sip and paint session on our first night and discovered a surprising talent for archery (who knew?). Sunrise yoga on the lake at dawn. Heart-to-heart conversations late into the night. It was so amazing to create some space in my life for some personal fulfillment and to try new things. My most memorable moment? Going horseback riding for the first time since I was thirteen and subsequently falling off my horse.

Best of all, the weekend itself was a fundraiser to help young girls from disadvantaged families and communities to have their own camp experiences. It was so satisfying to know I could pay it forward for young women who grew up the same way I did. You’d better believe I’ve already marked my calendar for next year’s event.

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