Activating My Activism

I recently wrote about goals and goal-setting and, to be honest, I wrote it thinking only about myself and how I’m planning to achieve my personal goals this year. However, today I was reminded that I need to be concerned with more than just my own selfish ambitions.

I’ve written before about how important America’s national parks are to me. Nature’s many benefits for the body and the mind have been well-documented, but even beyond those advantages, I feel elementally connected to these spaces that have been set aside for the common recreational use for a nation of more than 300 million people. That’s pretty special, don’t you think?

I’d never considered myself an activist before, but in the current political climate, it’s not going to be enough to sit idly while so many of the things I cherish about this American life are threatened. So, going forward, I’m going to use my voice and any influence I have to be an “anxious, jealous guardian” of our nation’s public lands.

I still have so very much to learn about what it means to be an activist, and I’m sure I’ll make some mistakes. If you’re a supporter of public lands and you have any tips to share or organizations I should be following and/or supporting, I’d love your recommendations.