2017: A Fresh Series of Small Steps

wp-1483422976214.jpegHappy New Year, folks!

If you also follow me on Instagram, you know that I spent my New Year’s Eve reflecting on the past year while clarifying my vision for 2017. I’ve dusted off some of my old dreams and have begun putting plans into place to make them more than mere fantasy. Yes, we’re talking #GOALS.


Not just dreams

There’s an old saying that goals that aren’t written down are just dreams. Far too often, I’ve been guilty of having several conflicting objectives floating around in my head without any concrete strategies–or intentions, really. Here’s the message I’m sending to myself in this first blog post of 2017: It’s not enough just to set big goals or to have a nice-looking strategic plan. The goal of setting goals is to achieve them.

One bite at a time

The challenging thing about big goals is precisely that they’re BIG. Overwhelming, even. In the past, I would feel paralyzed by some of the goals I’d set, but this year, I’ll keep reminding myself: big goals become accomplishments with focus, persistence, and consistent small actions over time. And those small actions are totally doable.

I know 2017’s just started, but I’m already envisioning its end in anticipation that I’ll have a list of achievements I can be proud of. The vision has already been cast. I just need to take the small steps along the path I’ve set to get there.

Do you have specific goals for 2017? What will you do differently this year to make them a reality?


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