The Marvel of “Me Time”

I mentioned last week that I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed and tired lately. It’s little wonder–my job can be stressful in early summer and I’m still feeling the effects.  Body aches, tension headaches, and a feeling of malaise have been plaguing me for the past six weeks.

This weekend, I started taking steps toward taking better care of myself. I made time to go to the grocery to prepare meals that were both (sorta) healthful and delicious. I put on some music and danced around my apartment while completing my chores. I binge-watched a few shows I’d been putting off for months. But what I enjoyed most of all were the few hours I spent taking a leisurely walk in and around my neighborhood on Sunday.

After a cool and cloudy start to July, Sunday’s weather was everything I love: sunshine and just enough warmth to make it feel like summer. I went down to the waterfront–as I tend to do when I need to clear my head– and made a nearly-four mile circuit of a favorite nearby spot. With no real destination in mind, I threw my planned schedule for the day out the window and simply embraced the moment.

I took photographs and explored hidden spots I hadn’t noticed before. And, upon arriving at what would become my turnaround point in a beachfront park, I just sat and listened to the small, rolling waves break upon the shore. It was glorious.

I won’t say that after my weekend escapades that all is right in my world, but taking some time for myself made a definite improvement. I’ve been so motivated by the brief respite, that I’m planning some longer escapes for the end of summer.

Note to self: Work hard, but make time for rest. Lesson learned.

If you’re interested in taking a walk around my neighborhood, I uploaded the Snapchat story to my YouTube channel so I could share with family and friends. Here’s hoping you’ll enjoy it too.