Finding Friendship in Your 30s: A Guide for Introverts


Even though I might be introverted and spent most of my childhood and my twenties shunning contact with others, I’ve come to value friendship. Someone to laugh with over the ridiculousness of life, someone to keep me accountable when I’m ready give up on my dreams, and someone to kick my ass when it needs kicking is pretty much what everyone needs. No man is an island, so they say.

If, like me, you’ve recently moved to a new city or state and you’re an introvert, forming new friendships feels downright impossible. That challenge is compounded when you’re older: your job keeps you busy during the week and the last thing you want to do on the weekend is go out and meet people. There are still a few small steps you can take to finding friendship in your thirties.

Follow your passions

If you’re a book lover, join a book club. Into the outdoors? Consider volunteering to do some trail work. Focused on advancing your career? Professional development classes are a great way to gain new skills, expand your professional network, and, perhaps, make a few new friends.

Go digital

Online dating has long become the norm as a means of meeting potential romantic partners and online friending isn’t far behind. Apps like Bumble help match you up with others in search of platonic relationships. Brush up on your Bumble etiquette and avoid making these mistakes before you dive in.

Redefine the concept of Best Friends Forever

Sometimes people come into your life for a season and then you grow apart. Or sometimes you have one friend that you share hobbies with, another who you can talk to about the things that really matter, and still another who you can be a total goofball with. Friendship is often unexpected—it doesn’t look the way we think it should or we find it somewhere completely random–and that’s okay.

What are some of your best tips for making friends?


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