My 5 Ingredients for a Perfect Summer


No matter how old I get, there will always be something special about summer. The air is warmer, the days are longer, and the season is permeated by something that smells a lot like freedom. Even though I still have to work, there’s still plenty of time to play. Here’s how I plan to make this summer my best one yet:

Visit a national park

The National Parks System celebrates its 100th birthday this year and with parks like Mount Rainier, Olympic, and North Cascades only a few hours’ drive away, I plan to celebrate this historic moment in person.

Attend a summer concert

Oh man, some of my favorite moments from the past two summers have happened on a picnic blanket, under an open sky with live music filling the air.

Take a road trip

I recently discovered that Canada’s Banff National Park is a mere ten hours’ drive from Seattle. How could I not?  Have you seen Lake Louise? Seriously…

Start a side hustle or two

Over the past few months,  I feel like I’ve really begun to hone in on my photographic style and I think I’m ready to start offering my services in exchange for pay.

Learn how to drink wine

Trust me, kids.  This is a skill you’ll likely need as you progress in your professional career.  Knowing how to confidently order a bottle of wine shouldn’t be what you’re most worried about at a business meeting. There’s more to wine than the next bottle of Pinot Gris.

Declutter my possessions

I’ve shared before about how my recent wardrobe clearout transformed my life. Apartment,  you’re next. Let’s see what new changes emerge.

What about you? What elements are part of your perfect summer?