4 Favorite YouTube Channels Worth Watching


One of my favorite things to do on a Friday night–when I’m not reading or knitting–is catching up with some of my favorite YouTube channels. I’m always amazed by the YouTube has changed media, taking video storytelling out of the hands of a few and granting “regular” people access to broader audiences.

I often toy around with the idea of launching a YouTube channel myself–why deny the world my sparking personality?–ha! Creating content for YouTube looks like a lot of fun but it’s also a lot of work. Until the day if (when?) I decide to put my private life in front of an audience, these are a few of my favorite YouTube channels to watch right now:

  • Shameless Maya – Man, this multi-hyphenate photographer-artist-all-around-creative is super-inspirational, full of so much positive energy, and unafraid to be vulnerable. Plus, you’ve got to love her personal mantra of “Do you, boo.” She’s shameless in the very best way.
  • Ciara O’Doherty – I don’t even know how I stumbled across Ciara (pronounced key-RAH)’s channel, but this Irish fashion blogger has offers so many life-improving tips, plus her Instagram feed is a thing of beauty.
  • Light by Coco – As a minimalist, Coco shares wonderful wisdom for living simply. Her approach to the light life even translates to her YouTube channel. She doesn’t post often, but her videos are often calming and full of treasured nuggets on clutter-free living.
  • Lisa Eldridge – Known for her light touch with cosmetics, Lisa is the makeup guru who taught me the simplicity of “no-makeup makeup.” With clients like Kate Winslet(!), Lisa’s current role as creative director with global beauty brand Lancôme has made her an in-demand artist among the celebrity set.

What are some of your favorite YouTube channels?