For the Record: April 8, 2016


Ummm, spring is here? Wait–when did that happen? The time I spent away from posting has been well worth it–I’m in the final quarter of the certificate program I’m participating in, I finished a major work project and am already up to here in another, and–most importantly–I’ve been engaged in the very important work of decluttering my life. Every day, I’m getting closer to that goal. See what else is on my mind, for the record:

Bidding Farewell to “Fast Fashion”

As I embrace living with less,  one of the areas I find  myself most challenged has been in my approach to fashion. I like to think of myself as a cheapskate in therapy: clothing that’s inexpensive and easy to acquire doesn’t exactly align with my core values. Read more in this treatise on so-called “fast-fashion.”

A Gleaming Grin

My french-pressed morning cup of joe is a vice I just can’t seem to–and honestly don’t want to–quit.  My teeth, unfortunately, are beginning to show the ill-effects of this habit. I’ve been researching ways to get my pearly whites, well, white again. There are inexpensive options (the hydrogen peroxide rinse is a new fave) but for the less patient, these tooth-whitening options can give faster results.

Crafty Sexy School

Learning practical skills is just really cool. Learning skills that are both crafty and practical? Hell, yeah. Check out and pick one of these classes and never buy gifts or home decor again.

A Sweet Space

Man cave? Whatevs! This gorgeous “she-shed” is a space I totally want to live in full-time. Need I say more?

Hike Happy

Spring is here and summer is hard on its heels.  If you’re looking for epic hikes to make your summer even more memorable, look no further than these five amazing hikes. Lucky for me, they’re all west of the Rockies, right in my own backyard.

On tap for the weekend

Sunshine. Blue skies. The great outdoors. Trail time. Need I say more?