Camp Long: The Hidden Gem Next Door


How well do you know your neighborhood?

Although I’ve lived at the same address for more than two years, I’ve only just discovered a secret Seattle retreat close to home.

After months away from the trail due to injury and illness, I’d been searching for a place where I could spend some time relaxing in the outdoors on a really easy trail to begin the process of rebuilding my strength and endurance. Camp Long was just the ticket.

This under-the-radar city park has a little bit of everything. History. Nature. Recreation. 68 acres. 1.6 miles of tree-lined trails. Rustic cabins for rent. A climbing rock that’s more than half a century old. An open field perfect for a game of frisbee. A ropes course, for Pete’s sake (trust falls!). Quiet. All of this, close to home. Who knew?

After learning about this place, I was inspired enough to plan an excursion, camera in tow. Let’s just say this visit won’t be my last.


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