A Brief Walk at West Point Lighthouse

West Point Lighthouse, Discovery Park, Seattle

This weekend marked the end of one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had so far, both on a professional and personal level. All I want to do for the next week is curl up with a couple of good books, some knitting, and lots of desserts. Since that’s not really an option, I went in for the next best thing: a lazy hour spent walking and shooting (photos, not ammo) at West Point Lighthouse in Seattle’s Discovery Park.

Although the morning began with blue skies, a thick fog quickly rolled in, complete with the blaring of muffled fog horns in the distance. I love it when the weather shapes the landscape, with views shifting slowly from clear, panoramic vistas of the Olympic Mountains across the sound to a heavy blanket of gray mist and not much else. Natural beauty as its finest.

Windblown Grasses
Fingers of Time
Driftwood Embrace
Earth and Water

Visiting the West Point Lighthouse

  • Walk in via the North Beach Trail.
  • Drive in with a parking permit obtained from the Environmental Learning Center. Only for families children 7 and under, senior citizens over the age of 62, and others who are physically unable to walk to the beach due to injury, illness or other restrictive physical conditions.

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    1. Absolutely! Missing Discovery Park on a visit to Seattle would be like missing out on Central Park in New York. Hope you have a wonderful time in my fair city. 🙂

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