For the Record: January 16, 2015

For the Record is a look back at the week that was: I share my current obsessions, weekend plans, and other snapshots from a life in progress.


2015 started, like, yesterday–how is it already the middle of January? This week was a good one, albeit busy. It started with a glorious wet and muddy hike, was filled with lots of time in the office preparing for a project launch, and ended with a welcome night at home where I did absolutely nothing. Here’s what else has been happening, for the record:

Current obsessions

Roadtripping Central Coast California

California Central CoastIt is done. In a moment of weakness earlier this week, I booked two tickets from Seattle to San Francisco. Eschewing the back-and-forth indecision that usually accompanies my attempts at budget-hunting, I clicked the “purchase” button and let the chips fall where they may. California Central Coast, here I come. Not sure I’ll be able to write let alone think about anything else between now and then.

The Biggest Loser: Glory Days

It’s a Thursday night guilty pleasure (and Friday morning motivation to work out) but watching former athletes shed the pounds they’d packed on since their glory days. Although I can’t condone the extreme weight loss approach (I mean, who loses 14 pounds in a week?), the show has become a reminder to me to take better care of myself. Who I’m rooting for: Rob. As one of the youngest (and biggest contestants), it’s been exciting to witness his physical and emotional transformation. Two more weeks to go.

Bob’s Red Mill 10-Grain Cereal

Served with a pinch of salt, chopped pecans, and dried cranberries with a dollop of butter and spoonful of honey, this warm and filling breakfast is one of my winter time go-tos. Sometimes I throw in a handful of dark chocolate chips, other times I’ll subtitute the cranberries and pecans for apples and walnuts.¬†This cereal has never steered me wrong.

Seattle Seahawks’ Football

Reigning Super Bowl Champs. NFC West Champs. Playing the Green Bay Packers this week for the ultimate NFC crown. Am I excited? You betcha.

On tap for the weekend

Hill climbing with a friend who’s training to hike Peru’s Inca Trail.¬†Prepping for tax season and filling out some paperwork that’s long overdue. Binge watching the episodes of Downton Abbey I haven’t seen yet. And maybe deciding on a spring sweater pattern to knit. Oh, yeah.