Spring Fashion 2015: Inspiration from the Runway

All it takes is the passing of the winter solstice, cold weather apparel and shoes on clearance, and the promise of longer, warmer days ahead for my mind to begin its mindless rush forward to April showers and May flowers. I’m not ashamed to admit it: I’m already thinking about spring.

The coming of spring excites me for a variety of reasons: 16-hour days, the renewal of green things, and the arrival of spring fashion. Bare arms, breezy fabrics, and color. Sundresses. Sunglasses. Straw hats. Sandals. Spring fashion makes me almost as happy as the season itself.

To help pass the time between these last few bleak weeks of winter and the budding of the first blooms, I spent some time reviewing what some of my favorite fashion publications have been saying about spring 2015 fashion trends and I like what I’m seeing. While I don’t believe in following trends for following trends’ sake, I do believe that the most honest expression of fashion is wearing what speaks to you. Here’s what’s been speaking to me from the spring 2015 runways.

Vogue Magazine


Gingham. I’ve always been a sucker (a seersucker?) for the simplicity of this timeless classic. Maybe my love of gingham is a throwback from my private school days, but I can totally see myself adding a checkered sunny yellow and white button-down shirt or crop top to my wardrobe this year. (Source: Vogue.com)


head-to-toe whiteHead-to-toe white. Nothing so cool, so crisp, so clean, so quintessentially summer as white. I’m envisioning a long, white linen maxi dress floating about my ankles come June. (Source: Glamour.com)

Harper’s Bazaar

vested-interestVested interest. Spring and summer are all about bare arms (note to self: let the bicep curls commence!), so I’m pleased to see that vests are making a statement. Make mine with less structure and more whimsy–in fact, this vest pattern with a lace back panel just might be a perfect spring knitting project in the making. (Source: Harper’s Bazaar)

There are still 72 long winter days between now and the vernal equinox on March 20, so I’ll continue to let myself be inspired by the runway while re-interpreting the trends to fit my style and the neighborhood sidewalk. Let the spring countdown begin.