Dear Santa: A Holiday Wishlist

ONA Bags' Bowery is one of the top items on my holiday wish list for 2015.
ONA Bags’ Bowery is one of the top items on my holiday wish list for 2014.

It is a fact universally acknowledged that if I want amazing Christmas presents, I have to purchase them for myself. I’m okay with that. Really. In my family, sharing your holiday wishlist is a huge no-no. We’re all supposed to magically know what the others want, in spite of the fact that most of us live hundreds to thousands of miles apart. More often than not, this approach doesn’t quite work.

My only hope for an awesome Christmas morning? Santa Claus. This year, I think it’s time to give the bearded fat man in the red suit a chance to redeem himself after years of missing the mark. I’m hoping at least one item on this list is under the tree with my name on it:
My 2015 Christmas Wish List

  1. Magazine subscriptions –  Real Simple, Lucky, and Backpacker are just a few of the publications I’ll always thumb through at the doctor’s office or while waiting for my car to be serviced.
  2. A cosmetics organizer – My daily makeup look consists of 12 to 14 different products (!) but I don’t have much space on my bathroom countertop. A cosmetics organizer would play a key role in streamlining my makeup application process, ultimately helping me save time during my morning routine.
  3. Sephora gift cards – My new favorite mascara retails for $23 a tube, so a gift card could go a long way toward keeping me financially solvent.
  4. Jewelry – We’re not talking top shelf stuff here. A simple gold-tone boyfriend watch and a pair of gold studs are currently topping my most-wanted list.
  5. Hiking boots – My current pair are over six years old with virtually no cushioning left, so a pair of these would make the perfect addition to my gear collection, just in time for the winter hiking season to begin.
  6. ONA Bags’ Bowery in Field Tan – I enjoy taking photographs when I travel and in these unfamiliar situations, it’s important for me to keep my DSLR on the down-low. The ONA Bags’ Bowery camera bag is practical, stylish, and doesn’t scream “Hey, I’ve got a camera in here!”
  7. AAA Plus Membership – Because travel discounts. Need I say more?

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