For the Record: December 19, 2014


For the Record is a look back at the week that was: I share my current obsessions, weekend plans, and other snapshots from a life in progress.

In 12 days, 2014 will be over. While I spent the past few weeks reminiscing about the most important lessons I’ve learned this year, I’m also looking forward to 2015, jumpstarting a few personal changes by not waiting until January 1 to put them into play. I’ve changed up my style, I’m feeling more confident, and hope to start the new year on the right well-heeled foot. Here’s what’s been going down, for the record:

Current obsessions

Avon Perfect Brow Kit

I wasn’t born with boldest of brows so now, I get them from a box. Loving the Avon Perfect Brow Kit: it’s long-lasting, natural-looking, and gives my face the framing it needs. Bonus: at $6 for the brow wax and powder duo, it’s incredibly affordable.

Outlander Teaser Trailer

In just under four months, the second half of the first season of Starz’ historical drama Outlander will begin and I cannae wait. The teaser trailer was recently released and is generating some early buzz on the darker, twistier end of the show’s premiere season.


Overcame adversity and a late start in studying her art to become one of the top ballerinas of her generation. I’m obsessing over her Under Armor “I Will What I What” commercial. I’ll be rewatching this anytime I need inspiration to push through and motivation to silence the haters.

Boyfriend Watches on the Brain

My wrist has been bare for far too long and I’m working toward wrapping it up with a boyfriend watch from Fossil. I’ve got my eye specifically on this one, the Perfect Boyfriend Watch in gold tone. It’s likely the only perfect boyfriend I’ll ever have. Sigh.

On tap for the weekend

Christmas is in just six days with the new year coming up in hot pursuit, so I’ll be spending this second to last weekend of the year baking, mailing, shopping, getting organized, and preparing for some well-deserved time off. Bring it.