These Days…

These days things are good. And busy. But mostly good.

I’m at a place in my life when things seem to be moving along at an even clip. I’m taking small steps to steer my life in the direction I’d like it to go. I’m working toward fulfilling a couple of personal goals.

Truth and Consequences by Alison LurieReading

Truth and Consequences by Alison Lurie. It’s got me thinking about how seemingly small decisions have huge impacts.



About one day taking an extended trip to Scotland. I’m envisioning three months exploring Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverness and the Highlands. Hiking Ben Nevis. Skipping around Eilean Donan Castle. Basically making up for a three-year old giant travel fail.



To the Bryan Adams-inspired station I created on Pandora. All of the songs (by Adams, Phil Collins, Journey, etc.) are taking me back to my youth and realizing what saps we were back then. “Everything I Do, I Do It For You” still sounds good to me.



A sweater for my mom that I started back in New Jersey in 2012 while we were huddled in the cold and dark following Hurricane Sandy. Finally.



Content. Hopeful. Expectant. Focused.