New Nautical-Inspired Knits from Brooklyn Tweed

Apple’s new iPhone 6 wasn’t the only product launch happening yesterday. Knitters and other fiber craft enthusiasts awoke to the latest collection of knit patterns from Brooklyn Tweed, showcased in the¬†BT Fall 14 lookbook. The new collection, described¬†as “fisherman-inspired,” ¬†is¬†full of¬†tightly knit, highly textured garments shaped specifically for layering¬†and adorned¬†with intricately designed cable paneling.¬†Worked in Brooklyn Tweed’s soft, fleece-dyed, heathered¬†wool in a range of colors from the reds and golds of autumn to navy and other neutrals, the new collection has me dreaming, oddly enough, about winter spent in a small fishing village somewhere on the coast. Form and function collide to create a collection that’s at once elegant and useful.¬†

Here’s a selection from the new lookbook. I can’t wait to get one or two of these projects on my needles.


Brooklyn Tweed Spinnaker

Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for anything navy or perhaps it’s that the deeply textured¬†knit¬†seems like the perfect protection against winter’s bite, but this pattern, with its staghorn cable stitches, creates conversation piece-level artistry.

Knit it for: Mom. Make no mistake, this pattern will prove a challenge for all but the most experienced knitters. When you start cursing your cable needle somewhere on the left sleeve, smile and think to yourself she’s worth it.



Brooklyn Tweed Wake Pattern

Clean lines and simple structuring lend a relaxed¬†vibe to a pattern that some might call boring–until the two side panels of staghorn cable stitching come into view, that is.¬†It’s your new favorite comfy sweatshirt, only about 10 times better.

Knit it for: yourself. Once the cable stitching has been mastered, this pattern has all the markings of a quick knit for intermediate to advanced knitters. Start it this weekend, and you might just be finished by the time autumn leaves have completely deserted the trees in your backyard.



Brooklyn Tweed Crosby Pattern

As far as warm weather wear goes, there’s little¬†I love more than a three-quarter zip¬†or¬†button pullover.¬†With its classic cabling, center detail work, and button placket, this pattern takes a beloved silhouette¬†and drops it somewhere squarely north of special.

Knit it for: Your frenemy. Because her wardrobe needs something classy. Burn.

Check out the entire BT Fall 14 collection here.