4 Tiny Houses to Call Home

Is 117 square feet enough to live in?
Tumbleweed Homes’ Elm 18 Overlook – Is 117 square feet enough to live in? All signs point to yes.


When I moved from New Jersey to Washington over a year ago, I got rid of almost everything I owned. Paring my belongings down to fit in my compact sedan for the cross-country road trip meant evaluating the importance of each and every item. The exercise was at first difficult, then cathartic, as I separated myself from clutter of life.

Over a year later, I still haven’t added much in the way of possessions, and I prefer it that way. I find myself happier than I’ve ever been at any other point in my adulthood. I have very little in the way of furniture, and I’m amazed by the ease with which I eschew the knick-knacks that before were such a temptation. My 605 square foot apartment–already a hovel by most standards–now feels about four times too big. At long last, I think I’m ready to go small.

I’ve been following the Tiny House movement for a while, intrigued by the lives of people who’ve chosen a life less ordinary. I feel finally ready to embrace a life with less in every sense of the word. I’m craving the cozy comfort of a space that’s truly mine while retaining the freedom to simply pick up and go–really–when the mood strikes.

I’m at least a couple of years away from fulfilling my tiny house dream, but that doesn’t stop me from doing the research, planning a budget, and looking at plans. I can totally see myself calling any of these four less-than-200-square-foot tiny houses home:

  • Tumbleweed Homes’ Elm 18 Overlook – At 117 square feet, it has a everything you could possibly need–living space, a sleeping area, and a front porch. Yaasss.
  • Four Lights Houses The Weller— A 115+-square foot stunner in the Craftsman style, I’d eschew the downstairs sleeping area in lieu of a little more kitchen space or a compact home office.
  • Portland Alternative Dwellings’ Sweet Pea – Downright expansive at 136 square feet, with a closet and a tub/shower combination, this space seems as sweet as its name suggests.
  • Chris and Melissa Tack’s Tiny Tack House – If this couple ever decided to move out, I’d be first on the list to want to move into this unbelievably cozy space.

While a few family members and friends think small-space living is strictly for the birds, I’m confident this lifestyle–or something like it–figures into my future.