16 Hours of Sunlight: A Manifesto


No one tells the flowers to bloom and grow in springtime–they just know. The air warms, the sky brightens, and they open their faces, turn heavenward, and reach for the sun. Like these blossoms, the arrival of balmy spring air and long-lit days are stirring me to action.

Here in the Upper Left Coast, during the depths of winter, daylight lasts from roughly 8 am until 4 pm. Since I work a standard schedule, I pretty much never saw the light of day during a regular work week. But spring and summer are flipping the script on this pervasive darkness and on the longest day of the year, June 21, the sun will rise at 5:12 am and set at 9:11 pm. Do the math: sixteen lovely long hours of sunlight. I intend to maximize every minute.

I promise to rise early to make the most of each day. I promise to strap on my running shoes with the rising of the sun. I promise to spend every Sunday in the great outdoors and I promise to finally wear out my hiking boots. I promise to eat weekend breakfasts on the patio. I promise to get some dirt under my fingernails plant things that will grow. I promise to soak up as many sunsets as I can because the sunsets here are phenomenal. I promise to go barefoot whenever possible. I promise to watch outdoor movies at dusk. I promise, no matter what might be lacking in my life, to simply live.


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