Notes on Navy: A Bedroom Takes Shape

It’s been a little over six months since I moved into my apartment, and I’ve decided it’s high time I get around to doing some decorating, especially with my family visiting in a matter of months. The walls (all of them, obvs) are a horrid tan color I thought I’d paint over; however, the time and expense of painting and then repainting when it’s time to move out have prompted me to leave them as is.

What to do next? Go navy.

I’ve always liked the color navy. It’s the go-to neutral in my closet that I often pair with tan or cognac for a classic, clean look (usually aĀ navy trenchcoat with cognac ballet flats or this Longchamps tote). It wasn’t until recently I realized I could utilizeĀ and reinterpretĀ thisĀ commonĀ color combination to create a serene sanctuary in my bedroom that goes beyond the old nautical standby. After seeingĀ the Pottery Barn indigo color story in the January 2014 catalog plusĀ searching for additionalĀ inspiration online, I’ve become even more excited by the possibilities. The trio of navy, tan, and white feels grown-up and grounded, yet remains imaginative enough to play well with other more brightly-hued accents–think coral, turquoise, lime green, or lemon yellow.Ā I think I’m in love.

A few glimpses of what I have in mind:


A great starting point, but to suit my tastes, something a little less ornate might do.


The color proportions are just about right here, but perhaps this look is a bit too staid.


More curves, fewer edges and we’re almost there.

As time allows, I’ll be sharing my progress as I take my boring tan bedroom from bland to beautiful on a budget. Keep watching.



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