Friday Five: May 1, 2014

Lovers' Point

As part of my all-consuming struggle to achieve balance and to be better with time management, I’ve changed the way I curate what I read each week to make it easier for me to bring you the best of what’s fascinating me this week (thanks, Tumblr). Here’s this week’s Friday Five, for your reading pleasure:

  • From Fast Company, the American Society of Magazine Editors’ Magazine of the Year, on setting goals for the life you want, not the life society tells you you should have. It starts with redefining what success means to you the individual and growing from there.
  • I’m totally not surprised to discover the act of movement is central to the creative process. This piece suggests you take a walk when you want to think outside of the box.
  • For all those young people about to enter college and for those of us who eschewed an engineering or computer science degree, this one’s for you: getting a liberal arts education is neither waste nor a mistake.Do what you love, study what interests you, get good internships, connect with as many people as possible who might help you land a job, be willing to work hard and be resourceful–and you’ll be fine…”
  • I fell in love with actress Emma Stone’s goofy, self-deprecating humor in movies like Easy A and The House Bunny. Who knew she had mad lip-syncing skills too? This one’s just for laughs.
  • After being introduced to Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series last year, I’m more than a little excited to see the story of Jamie Fraser and Claire Beauchamp brought to life in the eponymous Starz television series scheduled for this summer. Those sneaky buzzards have launched a new Outlander community ahead of the premiere with a brand-new trailer waiting in the wings (once the requisite number of social shares have been achieved, natch). Help a girl out–check out the site, share the content, unlock the goodness.

Happy Friday!