Friday Five: March 7, 2014

Chasing the sunset has quickly become one of my favorite Friday night activities and today’s was a beauty. Another favorite Friday activity? Rounding up a few of my favorite links from the web. Here’s this week’s selection:

  • Unless you’ve never made any missteps in your career, there’ll come a time when you’ll need to rebrand yourself. Forbes suggests you take the lead of newly-minted Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConnaughey. Because, seriously, did you ever think you’d hear the words “Academy Award-winning” and “Matthew McConnaughey” in the same sentence?
  • As a woman on a budget, I’m in love with this DIY chopstick necklace. Easy to make, inexpensive to source, bold statement.
  • Looks like the Seattle Post-Intelligencer beat me to the punch on putting together a list of Seattle’s tourist traps and treasures. I pretty much agree with all of this.
  • Before winter comes to an end, eat some good, hearty chili.
  • Healthy women, healthy world. Preach it, PATH.