The Freedom in Following Your Heart

Decisions, decisions.

When faced with making a choice between one thing or another, I’d wager many of us begin the decision-making process in much the same way: with research. An online review here, a socially-solicited recommendation there, and it’s easy to get the data required to make an informed choice, isn’t it?  But decisions are rarely an either/or scenario and with unprecedented access to any number of conflicting opinions, the reality of decision-making becomes infinitely more complex.

I began thinking about this recently as I started making plans for my next vacation. Where should I go? How long should I stay there? Would a multi-day road trip be a better choice for me or would I prefer staying in one place, taking mutiple day-trips abroad? After a few days of considering all of the different options, the sheer overload of questions reduced me to randomly picking a destination from the proverbial hat.

Unsatisfied with the options that presented themselves, I decided to think about what I was hoping for in a vacation destination. In my heart, I was dreaming of sunny skies, the briny aroma of the ocean, and the freedom of the open road.

As I meditated on what I wanted in my heart and focused on the vision in my mind, my trip practically planned itself. I knew there was only one place I really wanted to be. Gone was the uncertainty I’d been feeling days before, replaced with the deep satisfaction of making bold, confident choices that reflect who I am and what I need and want right now.

Put concisely, when I follow my heart, planning and execution become an infinitely easier enterprise. And I wonder: what if I approached life this way?

I believe there’s a freedom in being faithful to those things you want most. That there’s a deep soul-satisfaction that simply takes hold when you stop struggling against your deepest desires and that life starts flowing in a direction that just feels right. I’m no expert on life or desires or decision-making, but I’m rarely disappointed when I follow my heart.

What comes next? Who knows? But honestly, that’s the best part.