The Upside Is…

Last week, I had a couple of disappointments, but I’m finding this week that if you look for it, there’s almost always an upside.

  • Car collision — Last week I related my tale of being backed into in the drive-through of a fast food restaurant. As the damage to my car was minimal, I didn’t think it was important to get the police involved. It wasn’t until later that I realized that it would be difficult for me to get my car fixed unless the other driver admitted fault. Without a police report (or even collecting the names of witnesses on the scene), I was certain I’d end up fitting the bill myself. Fortunately, the other driver did eventually admit fault and so I’m scheduled to get the damage repaired at no cost to me.
  • Stinky stomach bugA Norovirus encounter left me feeling weak for a few days, and even after that I was afraid to eat anything in case I got sick again. However, the last week and a half have made me be more mindful about how I’m eating, so I’m making smarter choices and well on my way to fitting into all of my pants again. Bonus!

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as I’ve grown older is that every bad experience is an opportunity to learn something about yourself and the world we live in. Bad days, failed relationships, and mistakes can teach us some of life’s most valuable lessons if we focus on wringing value out each life experience.

So what have I learned this week? That people are still worth trusting and that I’m stronger than I think. I’m not sure I would have really appreciated or absorbed either lesson as powerfully as I did if they’d happened any other way. Here’s to the good days and the bad ones, and finding ways to allow them both to keep moving me forward into the life of my dreams.