Today I Will

Revelations rarely come under the cover of a bolt of lightning. Instead they often sneak up on you when you aren’t even expecting them.

Out on the town tonight, walking from my car to a coffee shop, I thought about my current weight challenges and what I could do to address the problem. There were the usual suggestions–exercise, eating healthfully, drinking more water–but these supposed solutions never seem to do the job. The real answer came simply, a paraphrase of a saying that says something like “do something today that your tomorrow self will thank you for.”

While I don’t know what my tomorrow self will be like ten or twenty years from now, I hope she’s a lot like who I am today. A girl woman who finds pleasure in simplicity and authenticity. Who consistently wants to be her best self. Who feels most at home in nature. I know one day the gray hairs and the wrinkles will eventually set in and that, with time, my external self will change. At the heart, however, I hope to hold on to those fundamental elements of self, taking care each day to nurture the self that has been, is, and will be.

So, today, I will be good to myself.

Today, I’ll take care of my body so it will serve me well.

Today, I’ll give myself the time and space to create and cultivate happiness.

If I just focus on wringing all of the good out of today, then tomorrow will pretty much take care of itself. That is all.