Bad Day Fails and Fixes

Today was a bad day.

I won’t get into the details of why but at one point, I was so angry I gave myself a headache. After getting home from work, I was ready to put the day behind me but not before scarfing down some fast food and preparing to tear into an entire bottle of Lindeman’s Kriek Lambic. Good thing I couldn’t find a corkscrew to open it. Sigh. Bad day FAIL.

Not having access to that corkscrew stopped me from engaging in some not-so-healthy behavior and I’m glad that happened. In my quest to become the best possible me I can be, I’m trying to learn better, healthier ways of dealing with conflict and stress. In general, I consider myself a fairly easygoing but on the rare occasions I get into a funk, I’ve developed a running list of things to do to work my way out it. Here’s my current inventory of bad day fixes:

  • Create – whether it means picking up a pair of knitting needles and having at it or indulging in some paper crafting, by the time I’ve knitted and purled or rubber-stamped some cardstock for about an hour or so, I feel a lot better and much more like myself.
  • Dance – Turning up some of my favorite tunes and cutting a rug helps release any pent-up tension I might be feeling.
  • Run – There’s little more gratifying than pounding the pavement for a mile or two for clearing the head.
  • Read – I’m not entirely sure this approach is healthy, but I enjoy losing myself in a book in a bit of escapism. By the time I’m done with a chapter or two, I emerge with a different perspective.
  • Write – By simply putting my thoughts to paper, and deconstructing what’s upsetting me often helps with the process of moving forward. After penning this post, I already feel better.

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