Green is Good: Winter Hiking Olympic National Park

One of the most glorious things about living in the Pacific Northwest is the ample opportunity for winter hiking. The climate here from December through March can be chilly, but most days are balmy and downright tolerable if you dress for it.ย Over the weekend, I had the sheer pleasure of heading west to Olympic National Park on a photo hike under the auspices of The Mountaineers.

As my first time in Olympic NP, the outing was a wonderful introduction to the insanely green and lush environment of the Olympic Peninsula. Our group of thirteen slow-hiked from the Whiskey Bend trailhead along the Elwha Loop to Goblin’s Gate, opposing granite cliffs that act as a portal for the Elwha River, toward Humes Ranch and Michael’s Cabin, two pre-World War II log-built structures that remain in decent shape, all told.

Although the hike mileage was just under six miles, we took our time on the circuit, pausing often to shoot anything and everything that captured the eye. Just wanted to share a few photos from this incredibly satisfying day trip. Great weather + hiking + photography = Yes, please!


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