Stocked: How Never to Run Out of Your Favorite Products

If you’re anything like me, at one time or another you’ve found yourself scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel or squeezing the last iota from a tube to get to that last bit of your favorite beauty product because you’ve run out. Whether it’s the hair mayonnaise you always use to deep condition your hair or your beloved rose-scented facial astringent, it’s incredibly easy to forget to replace these items until it’s too late.

Brainstorming my way around this problem, I’d decided to make a list of all of the products I use–brand and all–to help keep me organized and on top of how I shop for and replenish all my favorites.  For convenience’s sake, I store this list in Google Keep so I can have it on hand while I’m shopping, but any list-making app or paper list (keep a template copy, though) will do.

My list is itemized with every single beauty product I buy: the body oil I use right out of the shower that keeps my skin silky soft, the facial exfoliating pads I use to keep my complexion glowing, the leave-in conditioner I use to keep my hair feeling moisturized.

A handful of my favorite toiletries and beauty products.
A handful of my favorite toiletries and beauty products.

I generally go shopping once every couple of weeks when I get paid, so before I hit the store, I go through my cabinets, list in hand, to make sure I have enough of each product to last for the next two weeks. The items I need to replace go into my active shopping list which I’ll use in-store. While I’m shopping, if I find any listed product on sale, I’ll purchase an extra one at the lower price. I also keep an eye out for items that don’t need to be replaced immediately; if it’s on sale and the discount is deep enough, I’ll toss a replacement into my cart anyway to save some cash down the road.

In the long run, this process help me save both time and money. I don’t find myself making quick runs to the store anymore because I inconveniently ran out of dental floss at the worst possible moment.

In fact, this approach works so well, I should use it to keep on top of basics for the kitchen (I should always have things like flour, butter, salt, olive oil, honey, black pepper et cetera), for the laundry room, and for my closet. I’m sure others have been doing this for centuries–but for me, it’s a simple idea whose time has come.