A Hobby a Year: Knitting

I’m rarely bored or at a loss for something to do. Between my many interests–card making, scrapbooking, embroidery, knitting, crochet, drawing, etc.–there’s pretty much always something I can do to keep myself occupied. However, when you have as many hobbies as I do, you run the risk of finding yourself in quantity over quality territory. In September, I decided that in order to truly enjoy my interests, I needed to devote myself to each hobby in some small way , even if only for a year at a time, and so A Hobby A Year (AHAY) was born.

The hobby I’m currently focusing on right now is knitting,  a skill that requires a lot of patience and practice if one is to become any good at it. In years past, I’d work on the occasional piece (usually a scarf or a hat, as those tend to be pretty easy to work up) and then quit for a while, losing the dexterity and flexibility I’d gained. Since I’ve been focusing on knitting for the past four months, I’ve found that my skill with the needle has grown exponentially.

Now unafraid to tackle larger, more complex projects, I’m well on my way to achieving a dream: knitting two throw-over-anything cardigans each year. The plan is to knit a lightweight, pastel piece for spring and summer and a heavier, tweedy pattern for use in fall and winter. Now that I’m a much more skilled knitter, this dream finally feels achievable.


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