A Balanced Approach to Spending and Saving

Now that I’ve been through a couple of rent cycles at my new apartment, I finally have a clear picture of what my financial life could look like over the next year…and I don’t like it.

I spent most of my 16-day Christmas/New Year’s vacation dreaming about doing things I thought I couldn’t afford. The musicals, shows, art exhibits, and museum visits I’d had on my calendar for months suddenly didn’t seem viable for me to attend. I’ve always been a bit of a cheapskate but of late, I’ve realized my tight-fisted spending habits have left me feeling like, well, I’m not truly living. 

This article at The Everygirl got me thinking about my budget.   The 50/20/30 approach to spending and saving outlined in the piece simply makes sense for where I am right now, and it’s a plan I intend to integrate into my budget in the upcoming weeks and months. My hope is that I’ll still feel comfortable with the amount I’m putting aside each month while leaving myself ample funds to actually enjoy life in my adopted city.