Taking Risks, Finding Joy


Yes, it’s a belly shot, but then I look at the smile on my face and all I see is pure joy. Happy to be where I am and who I am right now.

I went hiking with a friend this weekend at Discovery Park. The weather was cold but the views were incomparable. The hazy silhouette of Mount Rainier was to the south, the snow-capped Olympics stood sentinel to the west, and Mount Baker to the north made a rare appearance.

The whole weekend was like that: moment after perfect moment. I sat for a while on Saturday night to marvel and wonder why I’m so ridiculously happy these days. Then I remember these days of joy didn’t come without sacrifice. If I hadn’t given up everything to follow my Pacific Northwest dream– my job, friends, and financial security–I might still be living my old, miserable life back on the East Coast not even knowing what I was missing.

Risk averse. Prudent. Safe. These terms pretty much sum up the way I used to live. Taking risks was for other people, not for me. But if the happiness I feel right now is on the other end of going out on a limb, sign me up.